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This blog will hold all my thoughts, dreams, inspirational pictures, sayings and, once in a while, videos. This is my personal online diary. Sorry if it is a bit too much sometimes.

I'm screaming to the whole world voicing my opinion, so everyone can hear my voice resonance and echoing around. I'm left with nothing but the unchained me, holding onto a dream.

26th 2月 2014

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people who think lesbians are more accepted in society than gay men are idiots 

lesbians are more sexualized. they’re seen as a hot thing for straight men to watch but only if both girls are conventionally attractive. otherwise, it’s seen as disgusting or unnatural. that is not acceptance. that is fetishization. 

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19th 1月 2014

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5 Keyfacts About Hugs


1) Hugging increases oxytocin in the body that reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

2) Hugging can stimulate the brain to release dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

3) Hugs can reveal different levels of affection. A woman will tend to press her whole body against the person she cares most about.

4) Hugs can cure depression, loneliness, and increases security, trust and self-esteem.  

5) Hugs are free.

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18th 1月 2014

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how to: 「苺まっしろロールケーキ

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18th 1月 2014

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How to Make Mochi Ice Cream


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17th 1月 2014

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